NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. - Two local women founded a nonprofit to help put books in the hands of kids.

During the pandemic, Northborough native Kristen Wixted, and her friend Heather Kelly, saw the gap opening between children who had access to reading materials in their homes and those who didn’t. They're looking to address the issue through Little Book Lockers.

Wixted and Kelly have seven small lockers in place, which contain free, new and gently used books kids can take and keep. Wixted and Kelly say the lockers are placed in areas of vulnerability, and contain books specifically geared to children in those areas. 

"We're putting them in apartment buildings where these kids live might not have access to books. We're putting them in doctors' offices who see children on a regular basis who live in communities who many not have access to books," Kelly said. "So the idea is little free library, but in the place where kids live and go."

"If we just provide enough books in various spots maybe they can start their own little book shelf," Wixted said.

They're looking for other locations to host more of their Little Book Lockers, and encourage those interested to contact them through their website.