PAXTON, Mass. - It's piece of honor left behind in Paxton and Brian Killelea is looking to return it. 

"There is a lot of memories and importance to this hat," Killelea, general manager of Worcester County Memorial Park, said. 

While driving around the park over Labor Day weekend, Killelea noticed something in the road near the entrance of the cemetery. 

"I looked and I wanted to make sure no one popped a tire," Killela said. "When I stopped to pick it up, I found it was a Vietnam veteran's hat."

In his 30 years of working at the cemetery, Killelea said he can tell the difference between something meant to stay behind and something that was forgotten. 

"I can tell you someone took their hat off to go place something at a grave and then drove off without even thinking about it," Killela said. "The wind picked it up and left it right here."

Killelea doesn't have any ledes or much to go off to point him in the right direction. However, the hat is full of pins and he hopes that could help. 

What You Need To Know

  • Vietnam veteran's hat was found at Worcester County Memorial Park on September 4
  • General manager is looking to reunite the veteran with the hat they earned after serving in the war
  • The hat is full of pins, the veteran could have possibly been a paratrooper
  • Call the park if you know who the hat belongs to

"It looks like it has a lot of pins on there for paratrooping," Killelea said. "That is how important the hat is. You remember if your neighbor, uncle or grandfather was wearing one of them. It is a piece of them."

The meaning behind the hat is exactly why Killelea is so determined to get the hat back in the hands of the veteran who served and earned it. 

"There is a lot of memories and importance to this hat." he said. "I mean, its more than just a hat. This represents a lifetime of pride, commitment and brotherhood."

Killelea said if anyone knows who the hat might belong to, call the park at 508-791-0350.