WORCESTER, Mass. - After a tough loss by the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League playoffs, the morning host from a local radio station paid off his bet he made with one of his co-workers.

On Wednesday morning, 100 FM The Pike's morning host Mike Hsu paid off a bet he had made with his news host and lifelong New York Islanders fan Adam Webster. 

Hsu had Worcester Railers COO and maker of customized goalie masks, Mike Myers, paint a New York Islanders logo on his chest. And with the help of Squirt the Tortoise from Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, Hsu recreated the both iconic and infamous Burnside Fountain statue, known locally as “Turtle Boy,” on the Worcester Common. 

Fans of the show and curious on-lookers took in what could be called one of the more creative settlements of a wager.