NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. - Eleanor Stalcup is almost an Eagle Scout.

Her final review is on Monday. She’ll be joining the nation's first class of female Boy Scouts to reach the milestone.

Stalcup, an 18-year-old college freshman, said,“This is something that I really really wanted to do, but I until now honestly had no idea that it would actually happen and that it could actually be possible. So it's been really it's been really amazing and I'm really excited.”

For her final project, Stalcup built the Little Free Pantry at the Church of the Nativity in Northborough.

"We thought about food insecurity being one of the things that the pandemic has really exasperated. And we thought like a small food pantry like this that can just be free for the community would be something that we can do outside and safely with the whole troop and might also make a difference for the community," Stalcup said.

The idea of the pantry is to drop something off if you can or take something, if you need it. It’s a project the girls in Troop 823 helped with.

Scout Cassie Melo said, “I think it was fun to build and I just loved it general. I think it really helped the community”

Scout master Shannon McDonald says she’s proud of her troop's work.

McDondald said, “The leadership, and the work and the service, and just the feeling of community that is involved in these projects. It's incredible to see it all.”

Members of the troop say they hope to follow in Eleanor's footsteps and become Eagle Scouts, too.