The largest hotel in downtown Worcester has installed a new state of the art air filtration system to protect both guests and employees against COVID-19.

The Hilton Garden Inn recently installed an AtmosAir filtration system. The AtmosAir system utilizes bipolar ionization system technology and has been shown in studies to be 99.92% affective against airborne Coronavirus. The hotel also is utilizing a portable unit for it's meeting halls. Hilton Garden Inn General Manager KC Jones says the new filtration system will help keep the hotel's common areas safer. It's just part of the steps taken to adhere to state and CDC guidelines.

Jones adds, "We have our cleaners to go around and they spray the contact services in our bathrooms and our public areas and in guest rooms. And then we have the AtmosAir machine that takes care of all the air in our common areas and we have a portable unit that we could play into our meeting rooms for anyone that has meetings. It's going to help make the guest feel a lot more comfortable when they come to travel with us stay with us,  especially during this COVID period."

The AtmosAir filtration system has also been installed in the group's hotel properties in Springfield. 

During the height of the pandemic in the spring, the Hilton Garden Inn served as the host hotel for the staff at the DCU Center COVID Field Hospital next door.