ADAMS - Mike Augspurger started building and repairing bikes decades ago. 

And now he’s refurbishing and selling bikes he’s collected over the years, to help meet the high demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Rather than just have these bikes sitting around, waiting to be repaired, we’re scaling up and repairing them now in order to get them out there and people riding them instead of them just sit here," Augspurger said. 

Augspurger works out of the Old Stone Mill in Adams, which he and his wife are converting into a community re-use workshop and arts space.

There are dozens of bikes available. The only requirement is to make an appointment in advance, to ensure social distancing.

“Look online, Old Stone Mill Center on Facebook. You can see all the bikes that we’ve listed on there. And then call and make an appointment, and we can bring the bike outside," Augspurger said.

He doesn't sell all of his bikes because Augspurger partners with the Youth Center in Cheshire to run an after school bike program -- where they're using kids bikes he’s refurbished.

“We do some instruction of how to ride," Augspruger said. "And I don’t know how many kids we’ve taught to ride, I couldn’t even keep track.”

The Youth Center program is on hold for now because of the coronavirus, but as shutdown restrictions ease, Augspurger hopes to be able to get back to teaching kids about his passion.

Augspurger said, “Now that their summer program is starting up, there’s a whole new set of rules that are kicking in. We have to figure out a way to do that, so we can go there in spite of the pandemic and still let them ride bikes.”​