Whitin Park was filled with cheers and celebrations Saturday morning, but not because children were finding Easter eggs.

Instead, the Whitin Community Center held an Eggscrambler and hid letters across the park. 

"They are finding secret letters to find a secret word," said Rockdale Youth Center program administrator Jennifer Castro. 

Seekers searched high and low for the hidden letters, keeping track of each find on a worksheet. They needed to find all nine letters to unscramble the secret word. The hidden letters spelled out jellybean. 

The scavenger hunt was no match for Harrison Hutnak and his brother Benjamin, but the letter 'E' gave them a little trouble. 

A single golden egg hid among the letters for a chance to win a special prize. 

"There is only one and it's very small," said Castro. 

The lucky winner was a four-year-old named Liam. ‚Äč

The event was a socially-distanced version of the annual Eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt. The Eggscrambler was the next best thing for both kids and parents. 

"It's a very safe activity, it's outdoors. I'm not worried about being close with people. I just like to get them outdoors and tucker them out for nap time," joked Laurie Hutnak, Harrison and Benjamin's mother. 

It was a popular Easter activity for families in the area. Castro said more than 45 families attended the event.  

The money raised from the event will be donated to youth outreach programs at the Whitin Community Center.