Liquor stores across the state want the shipments and the customers to keep coming in, but if new legislation gets the green light under the pink dome this legislative session, the stores would get some added competition.

"Right now, Texas is the only state in the nation that allows private companies to compete in the retail sale of spirits or own liquor stores while prohibiting publicly traded companies from doing so,” Texans for Consumer Freedom spokesperson Travis Thomas said.

Texans for Consumer Freedom is a lobby group funded by retailers like Walmart, Kroger and Costco.

At Wednesday's brief committee meeting, Thomas said the legislation should pass because it's about leveling the playing field.

"This is clearly anti-competitive and it's not good for consumers who deserve choice and convenience,” Thomas said.

Walmart has been leading the charge on the efforts. The store filed suit against the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in February.

Walmart's communication department told us the store is encouraged by this legislation, saying, "The Texas legislature has the opportunity to change the unconstitutional law and close its existing loophole to give our Texas customers the freedom of choice and convenience they deserve when shopping for adult beverages."

Though being able to pick up your favorite bottle of tequila while shopping for shampoo and socks may be a convenience, it could be the ultimate inconvenience for private liquor stores.

"Walmart has shutdown small mom-and-pop shops in all different types of industries, so this would just be another one they'd get their hands on,” Abraham George with All American Liquor said.

Another alcohol-related bill from Sen. Brian Birdwell was also heard Wednesday. Senate Bill 526 would eliminate the five store cap liquor stores are allowed to have by a single permit holder, giving them more room to grow.