High pressure has settled across the region. This has brought clear skies and hot conditions that will persist for the next few days. A Heat Advisory has been issued for the next few afternoons.

With recent rains, most of the area is still quite moist. Along with rising temperatures, dangerously hot weather is expected over much of South Central Texas. Humidity in the air impairs the body’s ability to dissipate heat through perspiration; the result is air temperatures that feel – and have the same results as – much higher temperatures.

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This is quantified by the Heat Index, also known as the ‘Feels Like’ readings, where the effects of humidity on the human body are included. Any measure over 105 degrees is considered unhealthy and dangerous and heat illness becomes increasingly likely.

With air temperatures reaching the 100-degree mark over the next few days, ‘Feels Like’ temperatures are expected to soar as high as 110 degrees for each of the next few afternoons. As always, those who must work outdoors and anyone doing exertion during this time must take extra steps to stay hydrated, protected from sunburn and control internal body heat by cooling of completely every hour or so.

Heat exhaustion occurs when the body’s internal temperature begins to rise and natural cooling processes lose effectiveness. Without immediate steps to stop this process, the ultimate result is called heat stroke which can result in loss of consciousness and death.

Be especially attentive to children and elderly people during these situations as they are more susceptible to heat-related illness.

More details are in the Seven Day Forecast.

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