SAN ANTONIO — The newly appointed Bexar County Commissioner of Precinct 2, Justin Rodriguez, hosted a community swearing-in ceremony Saturday.

Officially sworn in January 4

Predecessor Paul Elizondo died last year

Rodriguez is former state representative

He was quickly sworn in last month, but invited his constituents, family, and friends to the deserved event over the weekend.

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"I was immediately sworn in January 4th so it was right over the holidays," said County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez. "We didn't really get a chance for the community to get involved in really commemorating this new beginning for me back home and coming back from Austin."

This came after the sudden death of his beloved predecessor.

"I know he'll do a great job as commissioner like Paul Elizondo," said resident of Precinct 2, Adam Castillo. "He's got big shoes to fill but I'm sure he'll do a fine job."

"Commissioner Elizondo represented this community for over 30 years. Certainly I can't replace him overnight," said Rodriguez. "I've got to work hard and continue to earn support and trust of the community and I'm committed to doing that.”

Castillo has been a Leon Valley resident for 37 years. He is excited for Rodriguez, who is also a former State Representative in his District 125, to now work back home.

"Ever since he's been in office I've been very pleased with his support of education, health care, Medicare and all the issues that are important to Democrats," said Castillo.

Rodriguez started his public service career as president of his neighborhood association. He said there's nothing more gratifying than doing it on a local level.

Rodriguez is excited to be back home.

"Where you run into them in the grocery store, to me that's really re-energized me and I'm excited about the opportunity," said Rodriguez.

His public swearing-in ceremony was symbolic of that.