SAN ANTONIO -- While many of us are enjoying a turkey dinner with friends and family, the San Antonio Fire Department continues to work, protecting our community. Generations Federal Credit Union hosted its 6th annual Turkey Express by handing out 53 turkeys to all SAFD stations.

"Give them plenty of time to thaw them up and get them ready for Thanksgiving," Chief Charles Hood of the San Antonio Fire Department said. "We got some tremendous cooks so we are looking forward to cooking those things up."

They will cook turkeys to feed about 2,400 firefighters.

"They like to season them, we have our own recipes, and they actually like to cook them and they get a lot of joy out of making up their potluck list," Letty Gonzales of GFCU said. 


 They need to find that joy, working through a holiday.

"To be a part of taking care of our firefighters who are working on the holidays, which is a time that we know that we have to come to work, but we are away from our families. It's also a time that when we respond on calls it's during the holidays and some people suffer some of their worst tragedies on Thanksgiving," Hood said. 

Hood said he's missed at least 20 Thanksgivings, Christmases and kid's birthdays. This sacrifice made by first responders is something that doesn't go unrecognized by GFCU.

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"We were started by firefighters almost 80 years ago here in the basement of this fire station, so they've always been our heart and been a part of our core," Gonzales said.

It's GFCU's way of expressing gratitude.

As for the special fire department recipe...

"I'm a tremendous cook, but I'll keep those to myself," Hood said.

While the dishes may be a secret they are proud to protect and serve the San Antonio community.