SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio man has been made to face one of the lengthiest sentences seen in animal cruelty cases in Texas. Fifty-six-year-old Frank Javier Fonseca was given 25 years for the abuse of his rottweiler Buddy.

"No being should have to endure what Buddy was subjected to," said Animal Care Services in a Facebook post

Graphic video caught Fonseca punching and kicking Buddy on the front porch of a home on Fenfield Avenue in February 2019. A Good Samaritan recorded the incident.

"Thanks to a Good Samaritan, our Animal Cruelty investigators, our Animal Care Officers, and Texas Law, the person responsible for causing so much pain and suffering to an innocent pet has been brought to justice," ACS said. 

According to ACS investigators, Fonseca used his fists and a piece of wood to discipline his dog. He also filmed himself choking and kicking the dog, telling ACS investigators “he was punishing the dog for getting out of the yard.”

Fonseca’s criminal history with drug possession and crimes of retaliation were factored into his June sentencing.

"We hope this conviction will be an added deterrent to treating pets cruelly. This conviction would not have been possible without a caring and concerned resident recording and reporting the incident to 3-1-1," ACS said. "We urge anyone who witnesses cruel treatment to report it immediately to 3-1-1. See something, say something. Your call could very well save a life!"

Buddy has healed from his injuries, and now lives with an adoptive family.