SAN ANTONIO — The forecast is calling for snow flurries every Saturday in December thanks to Centro San Antonio.  

"It's a blizzard in downtown, not a cloud in the sky and 60 degrees and snowing," said Elizabeth Burt, director of urban activation and play for Centro San Antonio. "Who would have thought?"

Centro San Antonio is an organization that wants to create a playful and inviting downtown. The group is now creating its own glistening tree tops. Burt gets to bring the fun to people of all ages.

"Every Saturday we are bringing in a snow machine or two into a secret location downtown," said Burt.

She hopes to add some magic into the local weather forecast.

"Stay tuned for our models that tell us where the snow is heading next and we'll disclose the forecast and location for that Saturday on our social media," said Burt.

"Enjoy the snow from a social distance but also visit the beautiful businesses that are cherished downtown," said Burt.

"We're trying to spread joy during a really challenging time," said Burt. "Everyone deserves joy this season."

So for just a moment walking in a San Antonio winter wonderland all our troubles will be miles away.