SAN ANTONIO -- Raul Gonzalez is a talented artist, and proprietor of an Airbnb. Two months ago, we were all set to tell the story of how he was incorporating his art into that space. A lot has changed since then, but story time hasn’t.

What You Need To Know

  • Artist reads to children at Blue Star Contemporary Art Institution

  • Took readings online to YouTube amid coronavirus pandemic

"Hi there. This is Raul Gonzalez, and I'm bringing story time straight to you," said Gonzalez on a recently posted segment on YouTube.

He used to spend the occasional Saturday at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Institutionn in San Antonio, reading books to kids. The COVID-19 outbreak may have put a halt to that practice, but hasn't stopped him from doing his thing.

"Everyone's looking for ways to reach out to people online and this is something we already had going.  I'm like, 'This is a perfect thing. We've got to keep it going because people need that engagement right now,'" said Gonzalez.

The various roles and personas he takes on while reading a story comes naturally--especially when he's in his own living room.

"When I'm at home taking care of my daughters, I'll spend the day reading some books to them. I'm making up 10 different voices, characters, you know; I'm an old lady, I'm an old man, I'm a little kid, I'm a monster." Gonzalez said.

It's something small, fun, and it's Gonzalez's way of keeping things normal, in a not-so-normal time.

"Hopefully, a lot of this continues after that.  I'm sure it's going to continue because I don't think things are really going to change drastically anytime sooner," said Gonzalez.

If you'd like the check out Gonzalez reading one of the stories for yourself, go to the Blue Star Contemporary page on YouTube.