AUSTIN, Texas -- Two students at University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing realized there was a shortage of more than just toilet paper and face masks during this pandemic.

  • Students spent spring break translating information
  • Wanted to help out medical field even if they couldn't practice

Daniel Suárez-Baquero and Oscar Rocha are both Colombian natives and study at UT’s School of Nursing.

When they found out there was a lack of information on the virus in Spanish, they spent their spring break bridging that gap.

They translated some important material compiled by experts in China to Spanish.

LINK | Coronavirus News, FAQs

"Right now, with COVID-19, basically the first feeling that came into my heart was the frustration because I am a nurse, I have experience, I know how to cure others and I cannot practice here because I don't have a license. Mainly because it is an expensive procedure, " said Daniel Suárez-Baquero, PhD student at UT’s School of Nursing.

Since they were not able to help on the front lines, they decided to give back to the community using their bilingual skills.

A group of about eight people was involved in the project and they had the material ready in days.

“In one day, we completed the whole translation and another peer and me started to review the whole document in order to check the translation,” said Oscar Rocha, research fellow at UT’s School of Nursing.

The pair say they are getting more requests for translated material and will continue to provide information to Spanish speakers.

The handbook is available for free for anyone who wants to access it.