AUSTIN, Texas -- The federal government is being sued for denying stimulus checks to Americans married to undocumented immigrants.

A national civil rights group known as MALDEF filed the lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of six American citizens, including a Fort Worth woman. They were denied coronavirus relief checks because they jointly filed previous tax returns with someone who uses an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. That's a way for immigrants without legal status to still pay federal taxes.

Americans married to immigrants say they've been unfairly targeted. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, told Capital Tonight he wasn’t aware of the provision in the legislation.

“No I wasn’t and I think it’s outrageous,” he said. “This is a taxpaying couple. One has a social security number. One does not.”

Doggett says he’s a sponsor of legislation to change the law to allow such couples to get stimulus money.

He also discussed his push to undo controversial business tax provisions in the CARES Act.

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