SAN ANTONIO -- People who may be facing homelessness or the lack of medical insurance are getting their special needs taken care of at Travis Park Methodist Church. As soon as people walk through the doors of the church, they’re getting catered to like a patient at a dermatology clinic.

  • Dermatology services offered every 1st and 3rd Wednesday
  • Have been building up clinic since 2009

It's not just the patients who are receiving help, though, medical students at University of Texas-Health's Long School of Medicine are putting their classroom skills to work.

"We get to take histories, we get to interact with patients, always seeing new conditions that you normally wouldn't see," said Kavina Patel, a third-year medical student.

Students like Patel are learning the ins and outs of properly diagnosing patients, while also learning how to operate a successful clinic.

 "By coming here, you get to see a new side of the community," said Patel.  "You get to interact with the underserved populations."

Since 2009, these students have helped build the clinic from the ground up. Every year the students who run the clinic host a variety of fundraising efforts to ensure the clinic is free for patients. The program director, Dr. John Browning, said the students really took the initiative head on.

"I don't really feel like I do that much anymore," said Browning. "I show up and I'm able to share my experiences and knowledge as a dermatologist, but they do everything."

Whether it's greeting and checking in patients or making sure enough medical supplies have been ordered, the students are learning alongside professionals in their industry.

"From day one there really was a hope of not just trying to serve the community, but also be able to allow the medical students to benefit from it."

It's a symbiotic relationship that helps both the students and their patients

"It's really gratifying just to come here twice a month and volunteer your time," said Patel.

The dermatology services are offered every first and third Wednesday at Travis Park Methodist church. For more info, you can go here.