SAN ANTONIO -- A trio of recently-graduated engineering students from the University of Texas at San Antonio will have their invention featured this spring at The DoSeum in San Antonio.

  • Beyond the Eyes project
  • Infra-red LED matrix that can hide messages

Nathan Boggs, Kevin Englehart, and Jose Torres look like your typical engineering students. Then you find out that all three are husbands and fathers, and their accomplishments take on a new meaning.

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"We're different than the other groups," said Englehard. "They pull all-nighters and stay up here all night.  We're here at six in the morning and we leave at five cause I got to get home to get my girls from daycare, I've got to help give them a bath, I've got to get dinner ready."

They've been able to maintain their studies and responsibilities at home and the result is the "Beyond the Eyes" project.

"We basically developed an infra-red LED matrix that can hide messages in plain sight. You can't see it with your eyes, but technology can pick it up, such as a camera," said Boggs.

It's a common theme for both men and women today--getting more education to make a better life for your family, while trying to keep the family afloat in the process. These guys were lucky enough to get through it, and lucky enough to have each other along the way.

"We're all excited to get out of here and move on to bigger and better things, but at the same time you know we built a new family here with all these other people. You know, our group, we've been together since the very beginning," said Boggs.

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"This group has pretty much been the core reason why each of us has been successful," added Torres.

Fitting that their project is called Beyond the Eyes, because it was the village that you couldn't see that made their dreams a reality.