SAN ANTONIO -- Meals on Wheels is feeding thousands of people in South Central Texas a special Thanksgiving meal. More than 1,200 volunteers have been busy preparing meals to deliver to people throughout the community.

  • Meals on Wheels Thursday delivered Thanksgiving meals
  • More than 2,000 people served in Bexar County and surrounding areas 
  • 20th year of the program

"We’re just a major illness away from catastrophe ourselves, that we just need to make sure we identify things that are in need out in the community, and provide as much as we can," said Joe Cervantez, who is spending the morning with his two children helping volunteer. 

More than 2,000 people are being delivered meals across Bexar County and surrounding areas. The holiday feast includes turkey, yams, stuffing, and of course pies.

"It’s feeling the love," said Vinsen Faris,  CEO of Meals on Wheels San Antonio. "This is a day for us to give thanks because people care about their neighbors, and it’s a special day."

A special day thanks to the hard work and effort of volunteers old and young. 

​"Most families don’t have two parents, most families get torn apart, and I just think it’s great that we’re able to spend the time with each other, and other people who aren’t as fortunate as us," said Gabriel Cervantez.

This is the 20th year Meals on Wheels has delivered a Thanksgiving meal to people in need in South Central Texas.