SAN ANTONIO – A popular Jamaican eatery had its food truck vandalized late Tuesday night.

  • Vandalized Tuesday night
  • Community sent overflow of helpful messages
  • Owner of glass repair shop fixed it same day

On The Jerk Shack’s Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, the owners let the community know about their disappointment in finding the glass shattered on their food shack. Large rocks were apparently gathered and thrown through the windows.

Owner and Chef Nicola Blaque said it hurt knowing how much they try to provide to the West Side area.

“My husband and I, we’re the first to, when somebody calls, we’re donating. If we can’t donate, I’m willing to give food or something. It just hurt,” Blaque said.

The chef said there was an overflow of people messaging her with a will to help. As a result, the owner of Luna Glass Company fixed the truck the same day and it was back up and running within 24 hours.

“It's sad that it happened, but our goal it just to keep growing the community,” she said.

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Unfortunately, security cameras were unable to catch the rock thrower but Blaque did have a message for whomever it may be.

“I would hope that they would reach out to us. Let’s see what we can do. If you’re the parent, maybe we can mentor them. I’ve got tons of young kids that work for us and they’re working pretty well. I just want to do my part to help the West Side grow and help San Antonio grow. Keep it real,” Blaque said.

The eatery was just named among the best in the nation by and recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

Depsite the vandalism, the goal is to just keep growing hand-in-hand with the West Side.

"Come out, eat at my restuarant, eat at other West Side restuarants. That's how we make this community grow. That's how these businesses grow, they can hire more people from the community. We can do our part to help San Antonio," Blaque said.