SAN ANTONIO -- Alamo City chefs and volunteers teamed up with the San Antonio Food Bank and other nonprofits Thursday to provide free meals to migrants making their way through San Antonio.

  • Worked over 48 hours to prepare meals
  • More than 300 immigrants
  • San Antonio's Migrant Resource Center

More than half a dozen volunteers worked diligently for more than 48 hours to cook up an international meal for more than 300 migrants passing through San Antonio's Migrant Resource Center.

Volunteer leader Alfredina Adofo took time out of her maternity leave to cook for the incoming immigrants.

"That is my passion," said Adofo. "I like to help people because I am a human rights lawyer as well, so like I guess I thought I need to step up and help them out."

The help couldn't come any sooner either. The San Antonio Food Bank provides breakfast, lunch and dinner to more than 250 migrants coming through the city daily.

"It doesn’t matter where you’re from, when you’re hungry, you need nourishment," said San Antonio Food Bank CEO Eric Cooper. "They’re helping to bring food that’s culturally sensitive, that is familiar with the herbs and spices and the love from home."

And a welcome taste of home along a journey that may be far from over.