AUSTIN, Texas -- Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Texas Friday, July 12, with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to tour a holding facility in McAllen. 

  • Pence one of several lawmakers visiting
  • ICE deportation raids to begin this week
  • Supreme Court to take on DACA case in November

Pence's visit comes amid a public outcry that the facilities are in grotesque and dehumanizing conditions. 

According to a report by the New York Times, the facilities along the Southern border are in horrific shape, and that disease, hunger and unsanitary conditions are rampant. 

On the other hand, President Trump is calling the issue a hoax and argues migrants are better off in these facilities than in their home countries. Trump says he is considering letting the media tour the facilities to prove they are not that bad. 

All this comes as controversial, planned ICE deportation raids are set to begin this week.

Bill Beardall, clinical professor of law at UT Austin and executive director of the Equal Justice Center, says it's still unclear what the president's raid threats will amount to. 

"Most people seem to think that the risk of deportation isn't that much higher than it was before," said Beardall. "The fear factor is much higher and that may be what the administration is trying to achieve."

Click the video link above to watch the full interview with Beardall, including why he believes the Supreme Court decided to take on the DACA case in November and what it could mean for so-called DREAMERS.