SAN ANTONIO -- If you stepped outside on Wednesday for even a few seconds, you probably got hit in the face with high temperatures.

  • Senior citizens more prone to heat-related illnesses
  • Important to take extra precautions in heat
  • Also pay attention to medications

High temperatures mean people need to take the extra time to keep an eye on their loved ones.

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More than 3,000 people took full advantage of some air conditioning on Wednesday along with some dancing. They don't take heat relief for granted because many remember the days of not feeling so comfortable.

"There wasn't air conditioning. Just ceiling fans," said Ralph Rogers.

Senior citizens are more prone to heat-related illnesses. When it comes to caring for those that need it most during these triple degree temperatures, you want to make sure they find places that are cool, wear light clothing, stay hydrated, and cut down on using appliances that cause a lot of heat like stoves and ovens during peak times of the day.

Doctors say pay attention to medications because you never know what other issues they are dealing with.