SAN ANTONIO – The three wins during city council runoff elections Saturday have shifted the City’s numbers to women-majority.

  • Second time its happened
  • Last time was 2008
  • Follows nationwide trend

In District 2, Jada Andrews-Sullivan will serve the East Side after pulling in 52 percent of the vote. She's an Army veteran advocating for victims of domestic and sexual assault.

It was a blowout in District 4 as Adriana Garcia pulled in 72 percent of the vote over challenger Johnny Arrendondo. She is an assistant marketing professor at Our Lady of the Lake University.

In the final runoff, Melissa Cabello Havrda won District 6 and will serve the area vacated by mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse. The attorney lost to Brockhouse in 2017 by only 500 votes. She scored 57 percent of the vote this year.

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It is the second time woman have made up a majority of city council. The last time was in 2008.

It follows a nationwide trend of women running and winning public offices since the 2016 presidential election.