Niki Griswold graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University in June 2018 and just two weeks later began her journalism career with the Spectrum News Austin news team. Since then, Niki has been inspired daily by the intelligence, grit, and dedication of her coworkers, and ​she cherishes the opportunity her job gives her to connect with all the diverse communities of Austin and inspire empathy through storytelling

Since kicking off her career as a reporter, Niki describes her peak as her coverage of the funeral for late President George H.W. Bush. Hearing the countless special stories of how the late president played a role in the lives of so many people, and getting to share those stories, reaffirmed to her that she chose the right career path.

Niki is a passionate traveler with dreams of some day being fluent in multiple languages. On her days off, you can find her taking a hike or going for a swim in one of Texas’ stunning swimming holes.