SAN ANTONIO — If your sweet tooth is gone, but you aren't over romance and food, Big Lou's Pizza will keep serving its heart-shaped pies through the weekend.

  • Big Lou's Pizza serving heart-shaped pizzas
  • Lou's Burgers and B-B-Q serving heart-shaped burgers

After taking a couple of years off, Big Lou's Pizza brought back the festive pizzas and you can now order them in three different sizes.

For the first time this year, Lou's Burgers and B-B-Q, the adjoining restaurant, is offering a heart-shaped burger.

The burgers were the same price as a regular burger, but the pizzas are a couple bucks more.

"It's not just the money, don't get me wrong, we need to make money to survive. But, you know, I just love seeing the look on people's faces when they see it,” Brian Lujan, Big Lou’s Pizza owner said.

To speed up the preparation process, Big Lou's made heart-shaped cookie cutters for the pizzas. Big Lou’s sees the heart-shaped classics as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but without needing reservations or paying for a small meal at an expensive restaurant.  

“It never gets old. You know, come here, keep it simple, laid back, comfortable atmosphere, have a good pizza, couple beers. Life is good,” Lujan said.

"I would actually probably do that instead of going to a two-hour wait, reservation-type restaurant for Valentine's. Just come have a nice, homemade burger."

Next year they plan to have the 12-pound Super Lou Burger available in the shape of a gigantic heart.

Unlike the pizzas, the themed burgers won't be available again until next Valentine's Day.