SAN ANTONIO -- There's an emphasis on being local for the San Antonio Commanders. The new football team includes many local players, has a partnership with a local brewery and even has a fight song written and performed by a local musician.

  • Local musician writes song for Commanders
  • First game is Saturday

Local musician Marcy Grace doesn’t usually sing about football, most of songs are about relationships and break ups.

“Well, I’m a huge sports fan, I love football and I was just excited that the team was coming to San Antonio,” Grace said.

But when the Alliance of American Football revealed that her hometown would be getting a new team, she sat down and in just one day she wrote an unofficial fight song for the San Antonio Commanders.

“It was a really quick process, the guitar parts came first and then it just kind of came after that,” Grace said.

The idea for the song was suggested to her when she was a guest on the Command Post, a podcast for Commanders fans. But she knew she wanted to find a way to incorporate the sport and characteristics of the city.

“That was kind of the hard part, but I knew they wanted to pay tribute to the Military City, so I wanted to include some of that in there, and of course talk about football a little bit,” Grace said. “I just wanted it to be a powerful song.”

Grace owns the song, and could potentially lease the rights to the team in the future. According to the Commanders spokesman, the front office is aware of the song and is in talks with her.

“I wanted to do it for the team, but it would definitely be a big opportunity for us,” Grace said.