AUSTIN, Texas - The cost of college is still a huge obstacle to getting a degree. That's the takeaway from a majority of Texans recently surveyed in what's being called "The 101."

  • Cost biggest obstacle to obtaining degree in Texas, survey finds
  • Student loan debt next biggest obstacle

The higher education poll found that among those without a college degree, 75 percent said cost was the biggest deterrent to completing school. Job or work responsibilities followed at 66 percent and taking on student loan debt closely behind that at 65 percent.

Meanwhile, 79 percent of Texans with and without that debt view it as a major problem.

The higher education poll was commissioned by the nonprofit, accredited online Western Governors University, the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) and the Texas Association of Community Colleges.

Click the video link above to watch our interview with the WGU chancellor and the president of ICUT.