FREDERICKSBURG, Texas — Fredericksburg City Council has passed an ordinance banning the use of motorized scooters.

  • Unanimous vote for ordinance
  • Use of motorized scooters banned
  • In the interest of public safety

The unanimous vote took place at Monday’s council meeting. The ordinance prohibits the use of motor assisted scooters within Fredericksburg city limits. Texas Transportation Code 551.351 defines the term motor assisted scooter. The new measure prohibits the operation of a motor assisted scooter on any sidewalk, street, or highway in the city.

Fredericksburg city officials say the ban is in the best interest of public safety.

“Many cities across the country are experiencing a dramatic increase in the use of electric scooters,” said City Manager Kent Myers. “These scooters are starting to cause major concerns to public safety both in terms of the operators of the scooters as well as pedestrians.”

The city ordinance goes into effect February 14. Fredericksburg is one of the first cities to ban the use of motorized scooters within the city limits.