SAN ANTONIO – Two people were found dead after a shooting on the city’s South Side Tuesday evening, according to San Antonio police.

  • Man and woman killed in shooting
  • Two people left wounded 
  • Suspect arrested and charged with capital murder

At 7:34 p.m. EMS was called to 500 S. New Braunfels Ave. for a shooting. A man and woman were both pronounced dead. Two other people are reportedly injured.

On Thursday, the San Antonio Police Department conducted a perp walk with Jonathan Johnson, accused of being the shooter in this situation and therefore charged with capital murder.

The two people killed were identified as 19-year-old Andres Rangel and 18-year-old Katrina Casarez. 

The witness, Angelica Rangel, was home with her mother and two small children, her brother Rangel and his girlfriend Casarez.

According to the witness, she heard loud banging on the door and the door was eventually kicked open. She told police the shooter told everyone to get on the ground and then he began shooting. She stated she had previously met him while with her brother and his girlfriend.

A warrant was issued and he was arrest soon thereafter.