AUSTIN, Texas -- With the end of the year quickly approaching, the fate of President Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement remains uncertain on Capitol Hill.

The trading partners formally signed USMCA in Bueno Aires on Nov. 30, using the backdrop of the G-20 Summit to resolve a trade dispute that’d been in negotiations for months.

Justin Yancy, the President of Texas Business Leadership Council said the nation’s pen to paper has spread optimism through Texas’ business community.

“At some point NAFTA will go away and USMCA will take its place,” said Yancy. “We think that the President will probably use ending NAFTA as a leveraging tool to get Congress to act a little faster.”

Click the video link above to watch our interview with Yancy about what Trump's new deal means for Texas and what the Texas Business Leadership Council is advocating for during the 86th legislature.