SAN ANTONIO – What started off as a routine traffic stop led to a Bexar County deputy shooting a suspected felon on Wednesday.

  • Deputy conducted traffic stop
  • Search revealed driver had warrants
  • Driver shot after believed to be reaching for weapon

The incident began around 5 p.m. when a deputy working Selective Traffic Enforcement Patrol ran the license plates on a pickup truck. The search revealed active warrants related to the vehicle.

The deputy discovered the driver had a felony and misdemeanor warrant. The deputy approached the vehicle, and asked the driver to get out.

According to Asst. Chief Deputy Ronald Bennett, the driver dove to the side of the truck head first, which led the deputy to believe he was reaching for a weapon. The deputy fired one shot, which hit the man in the abdomen.

The suspect is currently in stable condition at SAMM-C Hospital. A passenger in the truck was not injured, but was taken in for questioning.

The deputy was placed on administrative leave pending investigation. He has 25 years of service with the sheriff's office.