SAN ANTONIO — Twenty dogs have been rescued following a South Side San Antonio fire.

  • SAFD rescued 20 dogs after a fire
  • Two didn’t survive
  • Space heater may have started the fire

According to the San Antonio Fire Department, it received a call about a fire on the 200 block of Betty Jean. When firefighters arrived, and they were able to go inside, they found a house full of cats and dogs.

SAFD rescued 20 dogs, but two of them didn’t survive.

With help from ACS, the remainder of the dogs made it out. All of the dogs were take to the animal shelter and will be examined for injuries. First responders were unable to catch any of the cats inside. The homeowner was not there at the time

“You don’t know if animals are chewing on the cord that can spark it,” SAFD Battalion Chief Connie Hall said. “Anything that the animals do to spark. Or too many things plugged in or old wiring. Over all, a bad combination.”

Fire officials believe a space heater in the kitchen started the fire and caused an estimated $80,000 in damage.