SAN ANTONIO -- More than 50 artists will take part in Luminaria, San Antonio’s contemporary art festival, over the weekend.

"It is San Antonio's celebration of the Arts," Luminaria Coordinator Kathy Armstrong said.

One of the displays will be a piece titled, "Residents of Yore.” It includes 28 lantern figures built by three local artists.

It was inspired by the the families whom used to roam this historic neighborhood.

"They kinda gave up their homes so that we can have this beautiful landmark," Artist Mary Jendrezy said.

The figures depict the mothers, fathers, children and even pets who called these houses home in the 1960s.

"It's all about the communities that use to live here in this neighborhood before it became Hemisfair," Artist Kat Cadena said.

Each figure will be spread throughout Hemisfair Park for visitors to see during Luminaria.