SAN ANTONIO – The first of 30 digital kiosks will be unveiled on Wednesday, October 17 at the Mission San José Visitor Center.

The City of San Antonio has partnered with IKE Smart City to provide these kiosks to the city. They are designed to provide the latest information to both residents and tourists.

Information on the kiosks will include wayfinding, VIA bus routes, B-Cycle, local events, and local businesses. The information will be hyper-local, within a 2-mile radius of the kiosk.

In addition, the city will be able to promote programs like the San Antonio Library’s digital library collection, city events and current jobs that are available.

Other key benefits include the ability to conduct short surveys and provide free Wi-Fi internet access to the public. The kiosks will have air quality sensors, pedestrian sensors, and can also provide emergency communications when needed.

IKE kiosks are ADA accessible and can provide content in multiple languages.