SAN ANTONIO — Children's advocates are working to grab the attention of lawmakers over the next few months.

The 86th legislative session starts in January, and groups who help children in foster care want to get the largest possible cut of the state's budget to continue their work.

On Wednesday, the Children's Shelter of San Antonio is planning to meet with other groups at UTSA Downtown to gather their thoughts and come up with a plan of action.

The Children's Shelter is hosting the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services, an advocacy group out of Austin that represents nonprofits that work directly for foster children.

Together they plan to come up with a list of what is needed to keep children from having to sleep in CPS offices until a proper home is found.

Back in 2017, Gov. Greg Abbott signed four bills into law aimed at helping the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services better provide for children.

The Children's Shelter says despite that, more needs to be done.

"Because each and every single child is precious,” Anais Biera Miracle with the Children’s Shelter said. “Every single child is unique and they all have very specific needs and we want to be able to recruit for the specific needs of each and every single child and family."

On any given day, 2,500 children are in foster care in Bexar County. The Children's Shelter says a study released in August showed the foster system in this county needs to grow by 21 percent to keep up with that need.