AUSTIN, Texas -- Monday marks the final push if you want to vote in the November midterm elections. 

• Could be another 20,000 registered voters in Travis County by Midnight Tuesday
• Bexar County already has more than 1 million registered voters

The deadline to register is Tuesday.

While the state of Texas has already set registration records, officials said the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is compelling people to register to vote at the last minute. 

Travis County Voter Registrar Bruce Elfant said by Tuesday at Midnight, there could be another 20,000 registered voters. He said his team is already back logged by thousands of forms.

Bexar County already has more than 1 million registered voters with still a day to go. Elfant said statewide the midterm election feels more like a presidential election. 

"There's a lot more energy this time than a typical midterm election, and you know, I think a lot of it is happening out of Washington," Elfant. 

Paul Fischer said he'll be the first to admit he's been lax in his duties as a citizen, a contributing factor to his registering to vote again.

"The Kavanaugh hearing was a catalyst for people. Here we have a gentleman going up to the supreme court, and the courts have always been our protector, the presumption of innocence," said Fischer.  

Anyone that stills need to sign up can visit their local county voter registrar's office and most libraries and post offices on Tuesday. They will have the paperwork necessary to register to vote. 

People that would like to print off a form online needs to make sure it is postmarked by Tuesday morning.