SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio authorities said that four people were stung in a bee attack on the West Side of San Antonio Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities said that one of the victims was mowing the lawn when he or she hit an underground hive, which angered the bees.

Two people were transported to the hospital, one in stable condition and an elderly man is in critical condition. Officials said that one of the victims was stung more than 200 times.

Emergency officials said if anyone suspects bees are living on their property, it is important to take action. 

“Be aware. If you think there are bees on your property, take care of it sooner than later. It may not be you that gets stung, it may be someone else that gets stung,” said EMS Battalion Chief Mark Black.

Also this week, a tree trimmer in Terrell Hills was stung more than 200 times. He was treated and is back to work neighbors tell Spectrum News. Bee experts say bees like to be left alone.