SAN ANTONIO -- After years off, the Holy Bowl is coming back to San Antonio.

It's a high school football game with a lengthy legacy between Central Catholic and Holy Cross.

This time around it all focuses around brotherhood and the message that it's "more than just a game". To kick off the week leading up the big game, both teams came together for a service project on Labor Day. The players and their coaches helped spruce up the Guadalupe Community Center on the West Side. Different projects included painting, cleaning windows, making signs, and clearing the community garden.

Even though the teams had a rivalry in the past, students say they work better together.

"It feels great just giving back to like what people give to us and helping the community as a whole and making it more than a game,” said Hilario Gomez, Central Catholic student.

"All of us are pretty much friends. No one has problems with anybody, it's all good right now. Everybody is enjoying having a good time, putting things together for kids who don't have as much as we do,” said Agustin Barrera, Holy Cross Student.

The Holy Bowl first started in 1963, but it has not been played in years. For the rest of the week the schools will be having special activities to focus around community building.

The game is scheduled for Saturday night at Alamo Stadium.