TEXAS – As thousands of Texas students are heading back to class, for many transgender children hitting the books isn’t their only worry.

Local educators are working to help put transgender students at ease in the classroom.

Monday morning, when the first bell rings, dozens of transgender students will have a little more confidence entering the schoolyard after a weekend event. The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center hosted an informative event geared toward explaining school rules and legal rights when it comes to transgender kids.

A recent San Antonio Independent School District graduate said the time is now for students and teachers to work together to help transgender students.

"I think it is very important because it requires the students and the counselors to come together and work together in order to create a safe environment," said transgender student Marceline.

Representatives from area school districts attended the event and helped lay out some of the info.

One of the main areas of confusion for the students, according to the event, is the issues surrounding Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Senate Bill 6, also known as the bathroom bill. The bill would require students to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate and not the gender they identify with.

One of the organizers, Queer Corazones de Esperanza, said their goal was to create a safe place for transgender students and parents to share their experiences.

The first 50 students received a backpack full of school supplies.

The Transgender Education Network of Texas cosponsored the function.