AUSTIN, Texas -- The war of words over a debate in the race for Texas governor is getting more aggressive. Thursday, Democratic challenger Lupe Valdez said if Republican Greg Abbott doesn't budge on dates and demands, one might not happen at all.

During an interview on Capital Tonight, Valdez was asked by host Karina Kling if she’d say no to the Sept. 28 televised debate Abbott has agreed to if he doesn’t meet her demands.

“Of course I’m saying no,” Valdez said. “We want Spanish media. Forty percent of the population understands and speaks Spanish so we certainly want them involved. We want a live audience, and we want to be able to get to the everyday Texan. You don’t do it by picking the worst night of the week and staying closed up in Austin.”

Abbott’s campaign was quick to respond.

"There has been no change in our plans to debate on Sept. 28,” campaign spokesman John Wittman said. “It is clear our opponent does not wish to debate."

Sept. 28 is a Friday night during football season. Valdez has proposed a Monday night debate but Abbott declined.

Click the video link above to watch the full interview with Valdez including her take on fundraising, school safety, gun control, border security and whether she supports abolishing ICE.