SAN ANTONIO - Catholic Charities of San Antonio is preparing for busloads of immigrant families after being granted a government contract to reunify children separated from their families along the border.

Since Friday, the nonprofit has been working around the clock to transform their headquarters into a command post.

"This is the first step when people get here. Each desk space has a laptop as well as a phone and printer,” said Christina O'Neill Higgs.

The phone is the most critical item lining the desks, according to Higgs, a fundraising director.

"This is so families can call and tell loved ones back home we're out, we're together, we're safe and here's what's going to happen next," she said. 

Higgs said many immigrants will then call someone at their final destination, likely an immigration sponsor or family. 

"Our job is to facilitate the time while they are here. So they may end up in New York City, they may end up in California, they may end up in Houston," Higgs said.

The nonprofit expects to assists up to 400 families before the government's reunification deadline on July 26. As of Sunday evening, Catholic Charities had not received any arrivals. 

"I hope I can hold back my tears because I know it's going to be emotional," said Joan Lawhon, volunteer.

Lawhon, who is originally from Mexico, stopped by the nonprofit Sunday to help and hopefully witness the reunion many at the nonprofit are waiting for. For now, she and other volunteers wait to hear updates from the government.

Donations are still needed to fund these visits. For more information you can visit the nonprofit at 202 W. French Place.