SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind has been awarded a three-year office supplies contract with CPS Energy.

CPS Energy workers will use pens and mechanical pencils along with other office supplies handcrafted from blind and visually impaired workers.

This is the nonprofit's first large major corporation account. 

The small business staffs over 480 people and nearly half are blind or visually impaired.

Johnette Lee of SA Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired shares, "They're excited. You'll never find a more loyal or dedicated employee then one who is blind or visually impaired. Because this job means everything to them. And to most of our employees this is the happiest, safest place in their life."

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind's mission is to empower the blind and visually impaired.

If you look at any mechanical pencils or pens, and they say SKILCRAFT®, that means it's made by a blind or visually impaired worker.

SA Lighthouse for the Blind also operates 15 Base Supply Centers for the military. 

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