SAN ANTONIO — Heartbreak and anger is all Diana Martinez felt when she saw graffiti at Mission San Juan Friday morning. The pain grew deeper when she realized Mission San Jose was a target too.

"They're very dear to me, very dear to me," she said.

The Missions were spray painted. One message read "I don't care. Do you?"

"Very colorful, a little bit of profanity on one of them, and a political statement on the other," Martinez said.

Other messages written on the missions included "F--- ICE," along with indistinguishable characters.

Surveillance video released by the San Antonio Police Department shows the perpetrators in action hours earlier at San Juan. Police believe they left in a white vehicle.

If those responsible are caught, they face up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $500.

The Missions had recently undergone massive restorations. Martinez, who also works for Las Misiones - a group that preserves San Antonio's history - can only hope there's room for the cleanup costs in the budget.

"They sprayed the walls with water. They let it seep in a little bit. And they literally scraped the it with a scraper and took off the paint. They wound up taking the first level of plaster off," she said. "We're not sure how much it's going to cost us to re-plaster,"

Not just anyone can do the work.

"Because they're 18th century buildings, you have to get experts that know how to treat old buildings, particularly limestone," she said.

By Friday afternoon the spray paint was gone, and for Martinez, the anger is just wearing off. To those behind the vandalism - Martinez has a message too.

"Father David and the Archbishop would like for us to pray for them and whatever torment they had that would have them do this," said Martinez.

On Friday afternoon, SAPD shared surveillance video in hopes that the vandal(s) will be caught: