TEXAS – Craft beer drinkers might notice a new label the next time they grab a six-pack, as trouble is brewing between big brands and independent brewers.

While the big beer industry is tapping into the craft market, independent brewers want to make sure their brands stand apart.

The Brewers Association for Small and Independent Craft Brewer's has created a label for independent brands.

Eugene Simor with Alamo Brewery, in San Antonio, was quick to latch onto the new concept. He and many other breweries in Austin approve of the new label.

"Right we're using it on all of our cans but coming soon, we'll be putting it on our of our beer bottles as well," Simor said. 

Currently, 75 percent of the more than 6,200 craft makers nationwide have adopted the logo.

Each year the craft beer industry generates $26 billion for the American economy. In Texas, there are 250 independent brewers cranking out $4.5 billion worth of business annually.

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