Unprecedented: there's no denying that when it comes to President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's summit in Singapore.

But a vague joint agreement leaves some national security experts cautioning it may not be a turning point.

“It’s not entirely clear what it all means,” said Celeste Gventer, the associate director of the Clements Center for National Security at UT-Austin. “I think there’s just a huge project of interpretation on all sides.”

Gventer said in the modern era there have been three other attempts to get the North Koreans to dismantle their nuclear program. All have failed. But she said Kim could see this as an opportunity.

“Kim Jong Un is quite different than his grandfather and father and frankly the global situation is different. His country’s in a different place. China’s in a different place and he might see opportunity here to try to improve the status of his country,” Gventer said. “He may not see a future continuing along the course that he has been and he as the ultimate bargaining chip that he’s been waiting to have, which is a functional nuclear weapon that could genuinely threaten the U.S. and until now, we have not seen that.”  

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