SAN ANTONIO – More than 50 undocumented immigrants are now in federal custody after they were discovered in a tractor-trailer on San Antonio’s North Side Tuesday night.

The 53* immigrants were found in the 8400 block of Laurel Crest around 8:20 p.m.

Five of the immigrants were transported to local hospitals to treat their minor injuries. Police said they were injured while jumping out of the tractor-trailer in an attempt to flee.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said most of the individuals were adults, but there were children inside the trailer as well.

The truck reportedly had A/C and water. Immigrant advocates quickly arrived at the scene to make sure that the people have due process. 

"The truck was air conditioned. Thank God. This truck had water, so they were hydrated. They were cool, they were hungry," Hood said. 

Homeland Security is investigating. The immigrants have been taken to an undisclosed detention center. 

"It's wonderful that they're in good health. We are very happy about that, but we also want to make sure that all of their other needs are taken care of including their right to access to council, and that they understand what they're facing as they go through this process," said immigration advocate Jenny Hixon. 

In December 2017, nearly a dozen immigrants were found in a tractor-trailer in a parking lot. The driver told police he picked up the immigrants from a warehouse in Laredo. 

*Corrected from 55 to 53 after Homeland Security, in an afternoon presser, updated the total.