SAN ANTONIO – Guinea pigs are cute, fluffy, but there aren't a lot of options when it comes to adoption or education.

"I've had guinea pigs for many years, but the rescue for only the past six years," said Second Chance Cavy Rescue owner Diana Sandlin.

For Sandlin, rescuing guinea pigs has been a labor of love, one that's shared her own home.

"We've adopted out over 800," Sandlin said.

Her passion got so big that it was time to relocate the Second Chance Cavy Rescue. For the past few months, she's been renting a space from Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

"Unfortunately they're sold with no education, and so people don't take care of them well, they dump them, or they come from pet mills so they're not in good health, they're not good genetics," Sandlin said.

She said this is the only nonprofit, solely guinea pig rescue in all of South Texas. Second Chance offers workshops, volunteer opportunities, and classroom interaction to spread the message.

"Education has to happen or rescue will continue to have to happen. We have a lot of people who have them for therapy pets, for anxiety, PTSD, they're awesome," she said.

A guinea pig is a 5- to 8-year commitment.

"I think our next generation needs to learn the value of life and I think having a small pet and doing research and being responsible really helps them to develop that," said Sandlin.

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