SAN ANTONIO — After noticing a decrease of hard-of-hearing students in their programs, a few San Antonio school districts are considering a consolidation.

During a board meeting on San Antonio's East side on friday emotions ran high as parents of Mission Academy students made a plea to not drop a program from the San Antonio ISD school helping their deaf children.

"I'm asking y'all, please give my daughter a chance," one parent said.

The outcry comes after some services sites involved in the Regional Day School Programs for the Deaf noticed a drop in student enrollment.

"What we want is to build a larger population of students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing so they have larger peer groups," Leslie Price, Chief of Communications of the San Antonio Independent School District said.

Going from four services sites to three in the Northside, North East, South San Antonio and San Antonio school districts.

Parents are worried Missions Academy will be the site to go. SAISD says its proposal keeps the Pre-K through 8th grade school as the third site.

"We are also advocating for the high school grades to be served over at Highlands High School rather than east central so that their is more continuity," Price said.

The proposal would dissolve its South San ISD program.

"The students would go to the share services site closest to them so either Missions, Highlands, Northside or North East ISD."

If what the district is proposing passes, it would start the 2019 school year. School officials have until the beginning of August to decide, but a decision could be made as early as next week.