SAN MARCOS, Texas -- The City of San Marcos has issued an alert for the Blanco Gardens neighborhood after a cat that tested positive for rabies bit its owner and another animal.

  • Cat displayed aggression and other symptoms
  • Animal tested positive for a strain of rabies found in bats

The cat lived indoors and outdoors and showed erratic behavior in a 24-hour period, displaying aggression, excessive salivation and vomiting. It bit its owner and the family dog on May 6. Specifically, the cat lived in the 1300 block of Conway Drive. 

The cat died on May 7, and its owner subsequently had it tested for rabies. It tested positive for a strain of rabies carried by bats.

The bitten dog has been placed in 90-day isolation at a veterinary clinic. The cat’s owner is undergoing post-exposure treatment.

Flyers have been posted around the neighborhood to alert residents.

City and state laws require all cats and dogs over the age of four months to have current rabies vaccinations.